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Totally Crushed

A Candy Apple Book
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Valentine’s Day is almost here, meaning candy, flowers, and plenty of drama. The best presents (besides the ones from
your friends and loved ones) are the ones from a secret admirer.

When you get a present from a secret admirer, your first thought is: Who could have sent me this? Your biggest wish is
that it is from the really hot and really popular person; your biggest nightmare would be if it was from your best friend
who you only have feelings of friendship for.

Unfortunately for Annabel, this is exactly her problem. At first she was ecstatic to have a carnation at her locker, since
it could just possibly be from her biggest crush, Jude. Then she found out it was from her best friend, Sam.

What’s a girl to do? Annabel just can’t believe that the girl Sam has been crushing on was her and not her best friend,
Phoebe, who actually likes him. How could she possibly let him down easily?

So now it is up to Annabel to resolve disaster, while making sure no one gets hurt. But Annabel still needs to find a date
to the Skate Party, and since Jude doesn’t seem a likely possibility at all, can she find a guy who is just as cute, and
maybe even cuter?

Mixed messages, over-analyzing, crazy love triangles. Who knew seventh grade could be so entertaining?

Reviewed by: Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen
Rating: 4 Stars

The Story Behind the Story

When I was in 10th Grade I had a huge crush on a boy whose name began with "S." That Valentine's Day someone slipped a red paper heart into my locker--a Valentine signed "S"! I was so excited! But was the card really from the boy I liked? I had to do a little investigating but eventually I found out that the Valentine was from him! A few weeks later we went on my first-ever real date. My heart still flutters when I remember that mysterious "S."

TOTALLY CRUSHED tells a different story, but it's still full of fun and excitement and secret admirers . . . and pirates and cupcakes and skating parties! I hope it captures the way I felt when I received my own secret Valentine!
--xox Eliza